Lamborghini Reventon Roadster on the way!

reventon_2008_10We’ve seen a real flurry of activity from Lamborghini recently. The launch of the LP670-4 SV at Geneva was followed rapidly by the announcement of the LP650-4 Roadster. Only this week we’ve had rumour and counter rumour about the Estoque – will it be made, won’t it be made?

But this one tops the lot. We have heard, from a very reliable source inside Lamborghini, that the ultimate Lamborghini is about to be announced – The Lamborghini Reventon Roadster.

We thought the Reventon was very much a one-off cash-cow for Lamborghini. But it looks like they’ve decided the Murcielago is going out with a bang  by deciding to produce a Reventon Roadster in even more limited numbers than the coupe.

The Reventon Roadster will feature the engine out of the new LP670-5 SV, making it a good deal meatier than its coupe sibling. It will probably still get the ‘Origami’ rag-top, but Lamborghini’s justification for the useless roof is that their customers would take a different car out if it was going to rain. Fair point I suppose. And this is going to be even rarer than the 20 editions of the Reventon – there are to be just nine Reventon Roadsters.

And it’s going to be more expensive (as you would probably expect). Each of the Lamborghini Reventon Roadsters will set their owners back €1,200,000 + tax (which at today’s exchange rate is about £1.1M or $1.6M). Which with the LP650-4 available at €295k makes the Reventon Roadster four times its price. Fair takes your breath away!

Oh, and our contact tells us there are already deposits on all nine cars. Didn’t Lamborghini do well to keep that quiet?!

CarsUK have now had confirmation from a second, equally reliable source at Lamborghini, that the Lamborghini Reventon Roadster is real, and that Lamborghini will be making an announcement in the next week.

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