Bentley’s 600bhp Continental GT Speed coupe

102796_full_medresThe Continental GT Speed is the most powerful production Bentley ever and the first to top 322 km/h.  This is a potent addition to the company’s highly successful Continental series, the GT Speed extends the appeal of the Continental GT coupe to driving enthusiasts who place a high value on outright performance and agile handling.

Exterior styling is defined by their wide, lower air intake and upright radiator grille that also provides increased airflow to the more powerful GT Speed’s engine.  Its 600 bhp (610 PS) W12 engine develops 15 percent more torque and nine percent more power than the standard Continental GT, while engine efficiency is optimised by the use of lower friction, lighter-weight components and a new engine management system.  The resultant performance is exceptional, with a top speed of 326 km/h, a zero to 60 mph sprint time of just 4.3 seconds (0-100 km/h in 4.5s) and effortless overtaking capability.

102806_full_medresComplementing the Continental GT Speed’s high performance is its unique chassis tune that delivers tauter handling and improved agility, with new, wider 9.5J 20-inch wheels and bespoke performance tyres as standard fitment.  Fade-resistant carbon ceramic brakes are available as an option.  Subtle design touches, including a dark-tinted front grille and larger sports tailpipes, reinforce the sporting character of the Continental GT Speed.

The all-wheel drive Continental GT changed the face of the luxury coupe market in 2003 and attracted a wider audience to the Bentley marque.  It also represented the first step in Bentley’s renaissance, positioning the company at the pinnacle of both technology and consumer aspiration.

Source: Bentley

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