Caractere reveal Volkswagen Golf MkVI Body Kit


The group of Belgian auto designers at Caractere have updated their VW Golf body kit for the sixth-generation Golf MkVI.

The tuner exclusively redesigns models from under the Volkswagen Audi Group umbrella, is fully certified by Germany’s TUV safety assurance board and designs for high quality and ease of product mounting onto the vehicle.

The Mark VI Golf is no exception, this time Caractere designers having gone to greater length at a more outlandish repackaging of the exterior. The Mark V wore similar aesthetic changes but the principal additions add a greater aggression via a more defined front end in both form and finish, a new mesh lower grille and more obviously-framed front fog lights.

At the rear, more visible dual chrome exhausts and a new, again more defined, mesh rear skirt complement a five twin-spoke alloy wheel design and a familiar side skirt package as well as a “sport” or “classic” roof spoiler. LED lights are also specifiable.
Caractere via: WCF

One thought on “Caractere reveal Volkswagen Golf MkVI Body Kit

  • December 4, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    VW makes good cars. Anything German is bound to have been designed well. But i don’t like the rear. That flat box trunk is inconvenient.

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