Citroën DS Inside Concept

citroen-ds-inside-concept-09-lgCitroën has revealed the first images of the DS Inside, a concept car that previews a new premium model line up, scheduled for 2010. This is part of the brand’s visual identity renewal, which includes a new logo design and revised marketing strategies.

At 90 years of age, and on the birthday of its founder, Andre Citroën, Citroën has released an official document that illustrates the renewal of its identity.

This will affect both the brand’s visual identity – graphic, advertising, perception – and the marketing strategies – sales network, after sales, customer relationships.

As part of this process, the French manufacturer has revealed the first images of the DS Inside Concept, inspired by the principles introduced by the legendary DS.

The new DS model line

Citroen DS Inside ConceptWith the DS Inside Concept Citroen is launching a new line of products to broaden its current range.

citroen-ds-inside-concept-08-lgThe new line will consist of three new cars, positioned in the small, medium and large car segments, and will be introduced successively from 2010.

These new models will be focused one style and refinement and will illustrate the brand’s new spirit of “Créative Technologie”.

The new line will also have a new naming system. Like the main range vehicles, which carry the letter C and a number, and, like the MPVs, which sport the Picasso signature, the new models will feature a special name: the DS line (DS: Different Spirit) – the model line up will be called DS3, DS4 and DS5.

“The concept car and vehicle line are characterised by forthright choices on styling, onroad performance and use.

“DS stood and continues to stand for a new approach to automobiles and the future. Citroën is taking inspiration from its design DNA to strengthen the positioning of its new product line. The range instills the different spirit, that the name DS inspires.”

The new logo

new-citroen-logoDeveloped jointly by Citroën’s Marketing and Styling teams, headed by Jean-Pierre Ploué, and the Landor agency, an international branding and design network, the logo is the first visible sign of change.

The chevrons have broken free from their frame and become three-dimensional, gaining in strength and body.

Bridging Citroën’s past and future; the colour red is used for the new brand name typography.

The red assumes a new, deeper tone.

(Source: Citroën)

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