Ferrante V Concept

The V Concept is the work of Fabio Ferrante, a young designer from Turin who trained at the Polytechnic Institute of Torino and the Fiat Design research center. He started working on the Ferrante V Concept in September last year with the goal of crating a car for his girlfriend. The Ferrante V Concept is a 4 seat coupe that offers comfort, luxury and pleasure of driving while having the DNA of the muscle cars from the end of the 70s.

Although he has drawn his inspiration from the models of the 70s, he also aimed at creating a completely new car with the letter V being the main design theme. One of the most obvious features of the Ferrante V Concept is the third volume and the shape of the side. Both elements have been inspired by the Impala. Another distinct design element of the Ferrante V Concept is the rear windscreen which falls back and almost completely covers the rear end of the car.

In real life, the Ferrante V Concept would measure 5000mm in length, 2000mm in width and 1400mm in height. Fabio would power his concept with a hybrid drive train. Let’s hope it will be a powerful one. Source: Zercustoms

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