GeigerCars “Wild Thing” Corvette Z06

gieger-corvette-011Karl Geiger and his team from Munich have worked a bit of magic on the new Corvette Z06. Dubbed “Wild Thing” it looks just the part with a bright green paint job and engine mods to match the name.

The Geiger Bi-Turbo power package boosts the vette’s motor to an impressive 7.6 liter capacity. Modifications are made to the engine block, to the cylinder heads and the crank motions. Geiger employed amplified insert springs, spring cups made of titanium, sport camshafts as well as a 100 mm air mass flow meter. The dampers and the induction tract have been dealt with. The core of the engine tuning is the two high performance turbochargers. Geiger also installed a sport exhaust system with four end pipes, each one as thick as an arm, and sport catalysts.

To be able to handle all the extra power, the GeigerCars Corvette Z06 features a new transmission with a carbon two-disc clutch and cardan shaft. Geiger wrapped the black rims with 285/30 rubber up front and 345/25 tires on the rear. If you take a closer look through the slots in the rims, you’ll see a high performance brake system with grooved 380×32 mm brake discs and 6-piston-back gauges in the front and 355×32 mm discs and 4-piston back gauges in the rear. The Geiger sport undercarriage contains a sport shock absorber with 16-fold adjustable compression, tighter compound springs and stabilizers for the font and rear axle.

For styling Geiger have used the in-house GT-Kit for the body. The bug and the rear show a completely new and brawny appearance.  With all these mods on board, the motor puts out an unbelievable 890 hp and 940 Nm at 4.500 rpm. The maximum speed is around 354 km/h.

Price has not been announced yet, but we expect it to be pretty high.

Source: Geigercars

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