Video: $2 million McLaren F1 goes up in smoke!

burntmclaren1Just imagine! Late one morning while driving down Airport Boulevard in Santa Rosa California, your $2 Million 1995 McLaren F-1 Coupe starts bellowing smoke and flames from its rear end and the engine bay eventually bursts into flames.

This is exactly what happened to the owner of this McLaren which he had not driven 6 months which probably explains why it had engine problems.

The F1 coupe was built in 1995, reportedly one of about 100 versions of the supercar, and features the driver’s seat in the middle of the cab, with two seats behind the driver. McLaren’s website says the car was built as ”the world’s first production road car to feature an all carbon composite monocoque and body structure,” using Formula One racing technology on the road.

There were only about 100 McLaren F1’s produced and at least 6 have been destoyed in crashes. burntmclaren2Source: pressdemocrat

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