Alpha N BMW 1 Series M RS

Alpha-N-BMW-1-Series-M-RS-2After revealing last month’s 335i, today Alpha-N Performance is revealing another BMW upgrade program. It’s the RS kit for the BMW 1 Series M.

Alpha-N’s RS kit for the BMW 1 Series M includes both visual upgrades as well as a healthy power increase. The standard 3.0-liter 6-cylnder engine of the BMW 1 Series M has been completely “reworked” and now it puts out 410 hp at the drive shaft. This is 75 hp more than the stock vehicle. To get the extra ponies, Alpha-N gave the 1 Series M Bimmer a new ECU software, a new air duct and a bespoke exhaust. The brakes of the standard 1M have been upgraded with a MAC system, which includes 380-mm discs and 6-piston calipers, as well as sport pads and flexible steel lines.

The Alpha-N BMW 1 Series M RS benefits from a weight reduction kit, which includes several carbon fiber body parts. The new aero pack features a new hood, a front spoiler, a boot lid with a CSL-style spoiler, and a rear diffuser. The part that probably counts the most in the weight reduction is the new carbon roof. The Alpha-N BMW 1 Series M RS sits on 19-inch O.Z. Superforgiata rims and Michelin Cup tires. The price of Alpha-N’s program for the BMW 1 Series M has not been announced.

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