AmericanMuscle 2011 Mustang GT 5.0L tuned by Bama shows huge power gains!

The past few weeks the guys at AmericanMuscle have been working flat-out on their new 2011 Mustang! Their Bama Custom Tuning team has been locked away, testing and refining calibrations for the new 5.0 platform. They’ve been experimenting with never-before-seen modifications from some of the aftermarket’s top brand names and couldn’t hold back their secrets any longer. We’ll be unveiling all of these featured finds very shortly, starting with our brand new C&L Performance prototype cold air intake system! See the results after the jump!

Bama Custom tune files are now available for your 2011 5.0L Mustang through and they have become a trusted partner for many of the aftermarket test products that you will see. This means that their Bama calibration experts are first in line to develop precision custom tunes for many new products before they even hit the street!

2011 CAI & Bama Custom Tuning Dyno Results:

  • Stock – no modifications: 363RWHP / 331RWTQ
  • Factory tune, Prototype C&L cold air intake:  374RWHP / 338RWTQ
  • Bama Custom Tune, stock Airbox:  379RWHP / 357RWTQ
  • Bama Custom Tune, Prototype C&L cold air intake:  385RWHP / 362RWTQ

With the addition of a Bama Custom Tune file and a breath of fresh air – thanks to C&L – for their pony, AmericanMuscle were able to gain as much as 22 Horsepower and 31 ft. lb. of Torque at peak. They picked up as much as 28 Horsepower at approximately 5400RPM. These substantial gains are sure to please any 5 liter enthusiast, and help burn some rubber off those new tires!

As you can see, unlocking hidden horsepower and torque on your 2011 Mustang is as easy as a custom tune. In addition to power gains, you can greatly improve driveability, throttle response, and shifting without sacrificing anything! Interested in turning your 2011 5.0L GT into a tire shredding machine? These calibrations are available for purchase from AmericanMuscle starting today!

Check out the video for more details.

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