Best apps for sports car owners


Smartphones are quickly changing how we live our lives. People now use them not only as devices for entertainment but for guide and protection for their properties as well.

There are apps that can help you avoid traffic, find the fastest road to reach your destination, and even find nearby shops if you’re in a new territory. Here are three of the most useful apps for car owners.

BMW Ultimate Drive App

The BMW Ultimate Drive App is the only app you’ll ever need to discover the best roads not only in the U.S. but from all over the world.

The app is mainly run by the community who uses them. BMW owners can connect and share their experiences in traveling on a particular road to other users. There’s always a map in the app to find the fastest route to a place or a scenic view to reach the countryside. The app can be used by non-BWM owners but those who drive a BMW will get access to special add-ons on the app. The BMW Ultimate Drive App is available for free for iOS and Android users.

Anti Sleep Pilot

Now this is a very important app to keep, especially if you’re driving a lot at night. What this app does is calculate your fatigue level using reaction times from a series of tests in order to help you maintain your attentiveness. Sounds and a push button that drivers need to press appear from time to time in order to help the app gauge a driver’s current condition. It also suggests break times for drivers who are very fatigued but are still driving on the road.

The only problem with the app is that currently, the sounds aren’t alarming enough to shake off the fatigue. The sounds are too mellow and the app’s colors are too dim. Anti Sleep Pilot needs better sounds and colors, probably something as noisy and flashy as slot machines. After all, lively colors and encouraging sounds will help keep the driver stay awake. Perhaps the app could learn a thing or two from Pocket Fruity, which utilizes a variety of colors and sounds to entertain users. Anti Sleep Pilot is currently colored orange and black, which aren’t the best shades to induce alertness. The app is available only for iOS users for $19.99.


AroundMe is an app that can help you when you’re on an unfamiliar road. Using your smartphone’s GPS feature, the app will locate the nearest gas station, clinic, restaurant, supermarket, police station, and even entertainment centers. Sports cars eat a lot of gas so this can be a pretty handy app to have around especially if you like the occasional road trips to new places. AroundMe is available for free for iOS and Android users.

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