AVUS tuned Mercedes C63 AMG

avus-c63-amg-1Today, AVUS PERFORMANCE announced their latest addition to their collection of tuned cars – the AVUS Mercedes C63 AMG.

Understatement was something that AVUS focussed on again. The C63 AMG comes kitted out with original 19“ AMG multi-spoke wheels (20“ as an option) and the first thing that stands out is the lowered suspension setting which was achieved by changing the standard springs. Coilovers are also available as an option.

You really need to take a careful look at the car to see the other visual enhancements on the car. These include: mirror covers, the front grille, roof, Mercedes star and the grille below have been painted in black which look as if it is a factory option by Mercedes. The exhaust system has been changed to a stainless steel system which really enhances the awesome sound bellowing up from the V8 power plant.

Speaking of power plants, the C63 AMG AVUS PERFORMANCE is offered in three different stages. The current project car is maxed up stage 3 with 585bhp (457bhp) and 740Nm (600Nm). ASUS recons that if you rip out the speed limiter you should be able to reach a top speed of around 320km/h. To make you feel a lot safer and ensure you can stop this monster in time, AVUS also fitted a mean set of 380mm 8 piston brake calipers.

Source: Avus Performance

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