DMC reveals Lamborghini Aventador DIECI


Earlier this week, DMC Tuning revealed a new aftermarket program for the Lamborghini Aventador, called DIECI. “DIECI” means “ten” in Italian and DMC says they’re going to build one of these special edition models for every standard Aventador aftermarket program sold.

DMC’s body parts for the Aventador are made of carbon fiber. They include a new front splitter, canards for both sides of the supercar, side skirts, a huge rear diffuser and a massive rear wing. The DMC Lamborghini Aventador DIECI is also equipped with a new front spoiler. DMC says that their new body parts for the Lamborghini Aventador improve downforce on both axles as they’ve been tested in the wind tunnel. DMC’s parts for the Aventador can be fitted directly onto Lamborghini’s factory ones. DMC made some modifications to Aventador’s engine, which now features 12 unique single intake throttle plates, one per each cylinder, instead of Lambo’s combined overhead throttle valves per cylinder bank. The DMC Aventador DIECI is also equipped with bespoke petrol pumps and lines, pressure modulators and injection nozzles. DMC also re-mapped the Aventador’s ECU. As a result, the DMC Lamborghini Aventador DIECI develops 900 hp and an unknown amount of torque. DMC gave the Aventador a bespoke Titanium exhaust system that weighs just 3.45 kg. This is one tenth of the weight of the original one. Price is going to be announced at a later date.

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  • October 29, 2013 at 11:40 pm

    Damn, I want one…

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