Exotic runway dancers prove that, the rich still have more fun

untitled-11If you own a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Ford GT for the sole purpose of being seen around town, it’s a real shame. We fail to see why 500 hp is necessary to traverse traffic on the way to the country club, yet we know from experience that being seen in a supercar doesn’t suck. Even still, the real fun is found when you’re driving the machine… hard.

Back in February, a group of well-to-do car enthusiasts got together in Miami to appreciate their exotics for what they really are: fire-breathing track stars. Follow the jump to see a two-minute video of some of the world’s best and fastest supercars as they take to airport runways. If you’re a fan of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Corvettes, the Ford GT or the Saleen S7, you’ll see something you love going very fast. Putting 40 or 50 exotics in one video is usually enough reason to get us to watch, but the sounds from the exhausts prompted us to take a second look.

[Source: Youtube]

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