FBI Agent Crashes Drug Dealer’s Ferrari F50

f50_004News for all drug dealers: If you own a sports car (especially a V12 Ferrari F50) and don’t want it damaged, keep it in a safe place when the cops come to raid your house.

This Ferrari F50 was seized in a drug raid yesterday in Lexington, Kentucky. The vehicle valuead at $500,000 was being driven to a storage warehouse – apparently at 40km/h – when the agent lost control and crashed into a few trees. Police are blaming the accident on “bald tyres”, but we think there may have been a bit too much lead in the drivers boots.

Hopefully the agency will get to prosecute the suspected drug dealer, otherwise they will have to cough up quite a bit for this repair job.
Source: wreckedexotics

One thought on “FBI Agent Crashes Drug Dealer’s Ferrari F50

  • November 15, 2009 at 6:06 am

    LOL@there was too much lead in the driver’s boots! haha.. I”m sure that police officer felt like a real dumbass. How in the world do you crash a vehicle at 40km/h

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