First of 5 Pagani Zonda Cinque supercars needs a home

zonda-cinque-2When an exotic automaker comes out with an exclusive supercar whose production doesn’t even reach double digits, we know our chances of ever seeing one are extremely limited. Actually getting the opportunity to buy one would seem just as elusive, but one example of the hyper-rare Pagani Zonda Cinque has popped up online for sale.

In case you (like the rest of us) have trouble keeping track of all the different versions of the Zonda that have appeared, the Zonda Cinque is an ultra-exclusive version of an already exclusive supercar. Essentially a roadgoing version of the track-only Zonda R, Pagani is only making five examples for a small group of buyers that could evidently include you. It packs a 678-horsepower AMG V12, features the company’s first sequential transmission and trims some 40 pounds off the standard car’s curb weight. And one – the very first one, according to the listing – is apparently available for purchase via JamesList from Freilassing, Germany, for the modest price of 1.6 million euros (a bit more than $2 million in American greenbacks).

If you’ve got that kind of cash sitting around and have any unmarried daughters, please contact us immediately. But if you want to get your hands on the Zonda Cinque, act with a quickness, as this is probably the only chance you are going to get.

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