Ford’s 2010 Mustang customizer including varying burnout sizes


Ford has just launched an online customizer for the 2010 Mustang, and it’s darn fun to play with. You can choose from a variety of hoods, louvers, scoops, spoilers, grilles, wheels, stripes, and pretty much everything else you can put on the exterior of a Mustang. You can even decide the size of your Mustang’s burnout and even put down some rubber on the pavement.

We went with a monochrome look on our dream ‘Stang, adding a Roush body kit, shaker hood, billet grille, 20-inch chrome wheels, and more. Check out our personalized 2010 Mustang on the site customizer and create your own.
Source: Ford via: Autoblog2010mustangcustomizer3

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