Gallery: Holden HSV E2 facelift unveiled


Holden Special Vehicles unveiled their HSV E2 (E Series 2) facelift model range today which features several models including the ClubSport R8, Maloo R8, ClubSport R8 Tourer, GTS, Senator Signature and WM Grange.

Some of the highlights of the HSV E2 facelift include HSV GTS which is now at the top of the range with 325kW. The new HSV E2 GTS facelift comes with a hi-flow intermediate exhaust system with bi-modal mufflers, re-calibrated Magnetic Ride Control with stiffer springs and 8.5 inch front wheels as standard.

The whole HSV E2 facelift range now features Daytime Running Lamps, a 4.5% lower fuel consumption and a new frontal shockwave design.

Some of the new technology featured by the new HSV E2 facelift models includes Competition Mode Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Launch Control (manual only) and Extended Cruise Control.
Source: HSV

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