Gallery: Mansory Cyrus Aston Martin DB9 – Carbon fibre beauty


This is the Mansory Cyrus, and the guys at Autoblog say it is the best use of carbon fiber they’ve ever seen. The car is DB9-based and has been redone in aerospace, pre-preg carbon fiber, and gets 28 extra horses.

Well, all except the rear fenders because they couldn’t shape the carbon fiber accordingly, so the carbon fiber — extended in width by two inches from the original car – is glued to the standard panels with adhesive bought from Lamborghini. Otherwise it’s all CF. No, the roof scoop isn’t functional – but beauty makes no promises to functionality. You can also get the DBS done up thusly, and although we don’t know what that car is called, we hope it’s Xerxes. The Cyrus will run you €380,000 on top of a DB9. We won’t call it money well spent… but we’d spend it.
Source: Autoblog

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