Gold Bugatti Veyron

gold-bugatti-veyron-12Two days ago Bugatti published a number of images showing a Gold Bugatti Veyron. Somehow, most people got the idea this Bugatti Veyron was actually made of gold, or covered in gold, or something. It’s not! It’s just a color variation.

The company also published images of a Black Bugatti Veyron, a White one and a Red one. You’ll find images of all these color variations in the gallery after the jump. We guess Bugatti meant only this, to demonstrate some color variations of the Veyron, and not to say that one was made of gold.

As soon as we published the story, everybody started speculating about the car, although it’s just a regular Veyron (as if a Veyron could ever be regular) painted in a golden color. Some even went as far as saying that the owner spends “this” amount of money to detail it and that he keeps the car in a climate controlled room… Maybe he also has 20 Bedouins on black horses guarding it…



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