Honda Civic Type R MUGEN prices


The Honda Civic Type R MUGEN body kit includes a new front bumper, air intakes, a sports grille, new fenders, bonnet, a rear bumper and an adjustable rear wing. The total Honda Civic Type R MUGEN price for the body kit is 6061.96 GBP.

The Honda Civic Type R MUGEN also comes with an improved chassis and braking system and a 2.0-litre i-VTEC engine with more power and torque.


Below is a breakdown of what the parts will cost you:

Front aero bumper Part no: 62511-XLR-K0S0 RRP £1150.60
This incorporates large brake duct intakes, an aerodynamically shaped profile and a smooth undertray to decrease wind resistance while improving high speed stability.

Air intake garnish Part no: 71140-XLR-K0S0 RRP £234.38
These triangular trims are installed into the front of the Mugen aero bumper to provide additional air channelling and improved visual appeal.

Front Sports grille Part no: 75100-XLR-K0S0 RRP £372.88
A signature Mugen visual styling enhancement, the Sports grille combines great looks with a wind resistance reducing design.

Front Aero Fenders (pair) Part no: 60200-XLR-K0S0 RRP £852.29
An aggressive frontal profile and rear hot air outlet help reduce underbonnet and front brake temperatures. A unique Mugen design in high strength, lightweight FRP.

Aero bonnet Part no: 60100-XLR-K0S0 RRP £1257.14
Designed to perform, the Mugen Honda Civic Type R FN2 aero bonnet is equipped with large, functioning air outlets with a detachable air outlet inner cover. When open, the apertures allow more cool air through the engine bay, helping to lower underbonnet temperatures. Produced in high quality, weight saving FRP.

Rear Bumper Part no: 84111-XLR-K0S0 RRP £1044.07
Muscular looks combine with the Type R’s twin exhaust outlets to create a distinctive rear look.
Rear Wing Part no: 84112-XLR-K0S0 RRP £1150.60
Unmistakably Mugen, the FN2 Civic Type R rear wing provides a stunning look for Honda’s hottest hatchback. Adjustable in two places to suit driving conditions, the Mugen rear wing is made from ABS plastic, with an FRP base. Installation requires the removal of the original factory Civic Type R rear wing.

Source: Honda

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    Im from Norway and want to buy these new kit sett collection…
    In Norway there is no company that dealership with Mugen…
    Is there maybe a website I could check on and those buy kits?

    Would be awsome if you could send me a message to this e-mail

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