Hot Gallery: Danica Patrick to drive NASCAR in 2010


There have been a few rumours floating around lately about IndyCar driver – and Go Daddy spokesmodel – Danica Patrick, but according to a reliable source at ESPN, Danica will “all but certainly” be in NASCAR in 2010, but won’t give up Indy car racing and will limit next year’s activity to the Nationwide Series and Trucks.

If ESPN’s sources are accurate, Danica will join Stewart Haas Racing and partner up with Tony Stewart, who will serve as her mentor in the sport. Stewart enjoyed a successful career in open wheel racing before switching to stock cars.

T.J. Patrick, Danica’s father, has for several years urged her to switch to NASCAR where the money, TV ratings and sponsorships are much bigger than in the Indy Racing League. But, reached by phone Saturday evening, T.J. Patrick said he’s under a gag rule from his daughter during the negotiations, and that he isn’t being kept in the loop anyway. The top female driver here in the States shouldn’t have an issue with sponsorship money and the move could provide just the ratings boost NASCAR sorely needs.
Source: ESPN via: Autoblog

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