Iacocca 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang


Last night, Lee Iacocca himself drew back the curtain hiding his 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang. The pictures don’t lie: this silver beast is every bit as menacing and low in the flesh as it it appears on screen.

Of the recent crop of modified Mustangs, Iacocca’s so-called “I Legacy” is probably the simplest design. Being based on the more linear 2009 model year pony car, Lido’s details don’t make it look like a ‘Stang with a body kit – they change the entire look of the car.

From the side view, the new front clip makes it appear that the coupe has no front overhang. What remains is completely dominated by a massive front bumper and deep dam, topped by the sunken lights. In back, the fastback’s ridges run all the way to the trailing edge, at which point everything disappears into the bluff, gruff backside.

The economy of design doesn’t leave much cause for hemming and hawing; it’s a muscle car in the old world tradition of long lines and only slightly finessed planes – you get it or you don’t. The first example was auctioned last night for nearly $125,000, and with just 44 others to follow it, chances are that enough people will get it. Now if only it came with that Sinatra theme music…
Source: Autoblog

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