Jeremy Clarkson trapped in portaloo prank: video

6845501Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson was trapped in a portable toilet – as this incredible video shows. Jezza was caught short while filming in Mallorca with the Top Gear crew and was blocked in a portaloo by pranksters.

The mystery wags piled seven lorry tyres against the door, jamming him inside at the Mallorca Classic Car Rally. This astonishing video was filmed by an onlooker on a mobile phone and shows Clarkson repeatedly trying to barge his way out, before the tyres tumble and he breaks free. But with typical Jeremy Clarkson showmanship, he raises his arms as the crowd applause his undignified exit.

It’s not the first time Clarkson has been embarrassed by the public. In 2005 he received a custard pie to the face after collecting an honorary degree for championing high standards of engineering. And an early episode of the BBC’s Noel’s House Party showed the television motormouth being set through a car wash and gunged in front of a live TV audience. Jeremy Clarkson is not afraid of courting controversy.

Earlier this year he apologised after calling Prime Minister Gordon Brown a “one-eyed Scottish idiot” during a press conference.

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