Koenigsegg are chasing the Saab brand

koenigsegg_ccxrReports have said that Swedish supercar maker, Koenigsegg, are actually interested in the Saab brand from General Motors.

Other companies have also made a bid for the Saab brand, and those companies include Fiat, which are after the Opel brand as well, while the other company is the Renco Group.

The Renco Group is a New York City based company that is controlled by Ira Rennert, a U.S. billionaire.

It’s been said that the hardest battle for the brand will come between Koenigsegg and Renco. Koenigsegg did not comment on this statement at all.

Koenigsegg would probably be the better brand for Saab as they are both Swedish and the supercar maker is already involved in automobiles.

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