Koenigsegg teases The Quant, new infotainment system

koenigsegg_quant_teaser_1280We’re just about fed-up with Geneva Motor Show previews, but this is something to get excited about. Koenigsegg has announced plans to introduce a “new creation for the future” in Switzerland, and sent along a teaser of The Quant to whet our supercar appetites. Unfortunately, Koenigsegg’s release about the concept is limited to a singular sentence, so we have no details on powertrain or production plans. But the head-on rendering looks promising and we’ll have more from the floor in just over a week.

K-egg also released details on its new infotainment system for the current CCX, which incorporates all of the supercar’s systems into one intuitive touchscreen. The satellite navigation, climate control and stereo system are all accessed through the new UI, which also allows drivers to monitor performance metrics with a G-force sensor, lap timer and torque meter, along with manipulating the chassis, traction control and new paddle-shifter system. The ATM Paddleshift setup controls an all-new gearbox that’s 30 cm shorter than the manual transmission it replaces, improving weight distribution and delivering shifts of around 30 milliseconds. The gearbox is more compact than a dual-clutch unit, is able to handle up to 811 lb-ft of torque and features a new E-diff to improve cornering performance.koenigsegg_infotainment_system

[Source: AutoBlog]

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