Lorinser target the Mercedes SLS AMG


The new Mercedes SLS AMG premiered just last week and already the first tuning program has been announced.

Lorinser announced their plans to tune the Merc today as a design study for the time being. The first sketches of the Lorinser Mercedes SLS AMG were released today and Lorinser say they plan to build a number of body parts from carbon fiber. The Lorinser Mercedes SLS AMG will feature a carbon fiber front grill with the tuners logo, carbon front bumper inserts and new front intakes with integrated fog lights. The Lorinser Mercedes SLS AMG will also feature carbon fiber side sills, new side air vents and large wire-spoke wheels.

There is still quite a bit of work to be done though, as the Lorinser Mercedes SLS AMG is not in the final stages of design yet.
Source: Lorinser


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