Mika Salo Takes Delivery of first Supercharged Camaro

Camaro Motorsport has a wide choice of performance parts for the all new Camaro. Biggest eye catcher in the portfolio is a supercharger for the Chevy V8-engine boosting peak power to 600 hp. The first Supercharged Camaro V8 has been delivered to ex-Ferrari F1 driver Mika Salo.


Camaro Motorsport is bringing a wide array of engine, body and suspension parts to Europe. Although still new on the European market, the Luxembourg based company has an enthusiastic follower with ex-Ferrari F1 driver Mika Salo. The Fin, preparing for next years NASCAR season in the United States, took delivery of his brand new Camaro with 6.2 V8, paddle shift 6 speed automatic and SC 600 Supercharger package. The explosive package leads to a performance increase from 400 hp and 557 Nm of torque to 600 hp and 747 Nm.


Salo, winner of the 24 hours of Le Mans in a Ferrari F430, was delighted when he took delivery of the all new Supercharged Camaro. ‘I’m a Camaro fan, I already own a classic ’69 Camaro with supercharger. That car delivers well over 1000 hp. With this new car, I have a modern car with ‘retro’ looks and stunning performance. A great combination. On top, it has proven to be very reliable as all parts are built according to the highest quality standard.’

Fair price

Salo’s car is equipped with a Motorsport SC600 package and contains a supercharger, special air intake system, exhaust system, exhaust headers and Dyno fine tuning of the engine management. The supercharged package starts with the Motorsport SC550 hp at € 12.500,– excluding VAT, including installation and warranty. The SC600 package costs € 17.250,– Salo: ‘The price/performance ratio is just fantastic, there is no car on the market delivering the same horsepower at such a fair price.’

Stiffer suspension

The racing Fin still has some other modification to the car in mind. Salo: ‘Suspension and brakes have not been modified yet. But when the snow has disappeared, I will sure fit stiffer suspension and different brakes. For the time being this setting is fine, it enables me to drive the car over winter time as well.’

Corvette ZR1

To increase power from 400 hp to 600 hp, a TVS 2300 Supercharger (2,3 liter) is mounted under the sleek bonnet, the same one as used for the new ZR1 Corvette. The four-lobe rotor has improved efficiency (less power to drive), cooler discharge temperatures and is much quieter. And it gets great fuel consumption figures due to its internal bypass valve that uses less than 1,0 horsepower while cruising at 120 km/h on the Autobahn. The airconditioning uses more horsepower than the supercharger.

Performance freaks

It is recommended to pair the supercharger with the Cold Air Intake & Cat Back exhaust system to boost up to approx. 580 hp. Mounting the new cat-back exhaust will lead to a head turning sound. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this exhaust frees up horsepower and sounds fantastic. For the absolute performance freaks the Motorsport Exhaust Headers lift peak power to an unbelievable 600 hp.

Dyno tuning

The Exhaust Headers lead to a powerful upgrade as well. They are worth 30hp without tune, and 50hp when combined with Dyno tuning. The are made from the highest quality stainless steel. Includes the headers, high-flow catalytic converters, and X-pipe.

More horsepower

The Cold Air Intake provides significantly more airflow and increases horsepower. The system retains all factory sensors so it won’t cause any problems with the engine management. It comes with a washable and reusable filter element instructions and all the hardware for easy installation.

Upgraded brakes

Camaro Motorsport can of course deliver high performance suspension and brake parts. Different springs and shocks lower the centre of gravity for better body control. Larger brake discs with 6-piston calipers provide excellent stopping power under all driving circumstances. Together with body parts like a rear spoiler and a special gear lever, Camaro Motorsport makes sure the performance of the car is in line with its great looks.


Parts can be ordered directly via the website at www.camaromotorsport.com. And if you haven’t bought an all new Camaro yet to bolt on all the performance parts, Camaro Motorsport can help you finding the right car as well, including European type approval.

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