MINI Countryman official pics leaked

Just one day after the manufacturer officially released the teaser video of the crossover, an anonymous source has leaked three images of the new model.

However, MINI Countryman might not even be the car’s final name, as Mini Crossman is also one of the names that surfaced. Seen in these pics is the Cooper S version of the Countryman.  Kitted with the “All4” all-wheel-drive badge, the car does not appear to be as tall as the MINI Beachcomber concept that was shown in Detroit.

The exterior design of the MINI Countryman is very similar with the one of the Beachcomber concept which was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show. The production MINI Countryman also lacks the rough terrain tires seen in the concept and it alsodoesn’t seem to be as tall.

The official release date for the MINI R60 is only at the end of the year. It will have a price tag of €25,000 and you can add roughly €4,000 for the Cooper S version of the unit.  The vehicle was due to be launched in March at the Geneva Show, but now that the pics have been leaked, you can expectmore information to surface now.

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