Mugen reveals Honda CR-Z RR Concept at Goodwood

Mugen is not a name that one would be shocked to hear announced over the Goodwood Festival of Speed PA system. The Honda CR-Z, however, is a car that festival goers would be surprised to see idling ahead of its run up the hill. Upon closer inspection, though, you would see a bunch of aero bits, hear a racy exhaust thump and see the Mugen badge on the rear end. The Mugen CR-Z that we showed off earlier was not the only tuned hybrid two-seater at Goodwood. In fact, it wasn’t the only CR-Z that Mugen brought along. Like a lonely Skywalker… there is another.

The Honda CR-Z Mugen RR Concept also showed its aggressive face at the Festival of Speed. The RR Concept goes a step further into the race-ready arena than the Mugen CR-Z. The exterior aero bits are more focused for track use, but there is no word on the performance figures created by what’s under the hood. Mugen says this vehicle is being used as a study to help define future performance models. Take a look at it from both angles in our gallery below.
Source: Autoblog

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