New talk about the Audi E1

audi_e1There has been a lot of talk about a new Audi model that will share the same platform as the VW up! That model is the Audi E1.

The guys at AutoExpress claim the car would fall in below the Audi A1, and come in various spec configurations. Choices could include petrol and diesel to compliment the enticing all electric option. If VW were to go to production with a plug-in hybrid based on the VW space up! blue, it would not be surprising to see an E1 hybrid as well. Engines could include a 600cc two-cylinder turbo, and a 1.2-litre three-cylinder.

As part of the “New Small Family” of vehicles, the Audi E1 would be built at Volkswagen’s Slovakia plant. The E1 would be priced around €13,500. Not such a bad price considering you might get up to 94mpg in this car. With those numbers, the 2+1 car will be looking to compete with the Smart electric ForTwo and the Fiat 500 hybrid, while still keeping some space for luggage.

With Audi’s typical luxury inclusions, the company may have a leg-up on its rivals. The car will keep many of Audi’s stereotypical looks, including the mesh grille, alloy wheels, and the big front badge. LEDs in the front and rear, and the new handheld mobile device Audi recently showed off. The touchscreen device includes satellite navigation, MP3 player, and phone. It slots into the center console, and also replaces the key.

Lithium-polymer batteries would be available in the electric, and could be seen if there is a hybrid as well. If all goes according to plan, the Audi E1 could be sitting on your showroom floors in 2011.

Source: AutoExpress

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