Nissan GT-R “Silver Wolf” edition unveiled by Tommy Kaira

Tommy Kaira, one of the best known auto-tuners from Japan – who’s cars have appeared in numerous racing video games, including the popular Gran Turismo series – has just released a tuning package for the current Nissan GT-R.

Called the Silver Wolf, this GT-R sees its engine left intact, but gets treated to a full body kit, plus new rolling stock, brakes, exhaust and suspension components. The carbon fiber widebody package gives Godzilla a serious attitude adjustment, while the functional components – if Tommy Kaira’s previous offerings are anything to go by – promise to squeeze that extra bit of performance out of this Japanese icon.

For those lucky people who are interested in owning a Tommy Kaira Silver Wolf edition, the body kit alone will cost in the region of US$18 000, plus the GT-R’s US$80 000 price tag. 

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