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tomtom-go-920-t-2It’s no secret that I loved the new TomTom GO 920. It was great to use, easy to operate and damn accurate. Driving along the East Coast Resorts road the graphic representation of the road ahead was absolutely spot on. It is a little strange to see a corner come up at the exact point where you turn left. Curves and S-bends in the road were exactly where the unit said they would be.

I decided to follow the TomTom onto a never-taken-before sand road – just before Crossways Spar – and I ended up exactly where I wanted to be, at the old Gonubie Farmers’ Hall. It’s not surprising that TomTom is the UK’s best-selling GPS product, so I am told, although I did find that a large number of local roads are not named.

tomtom920The GPS, via its software, can be linked to the Internet and current info can be downloaded. You can play MP3 music files and of course you can load up those family pics for the long trips on the road, so that you won’t forget who you are married to! This means you can probably load up MP4 files (video) files as well. Blue tooth and links to your cellphone come standard.

Anyone who has ever driven through the urban canyons of a major city will know that, when you lose sight of the sky, you’ll also stop tracking enough satellites for navigation. The GO 920 includes a feature that TomTom calls Enhanced Positioning Technology (EPT). Should you lose satellite tracking, EPT estimates your current position based on the last known GPS position and updates it from data supplied by a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer.

920_remoteThe GPS also has a wireless remote control that uses Bluetooth and, fortunately, you don’t have to point it directly at the unit.

The remote has controls for volume, as well as a navigation control. Unfortunately, there’s virtually no information on the remote control within the 97- page CD-based manual so you have to play around with it a little to figure out how it works, or for that matter, how to change its batteries.

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