The Stig’s identity voted as bigger mystery than the Loch Ness Monster


The assassination of John F. Kennedy? The existence of the Bermuda Triangle? Bah! What Brits really want to know, more than anything else, is the true identity of the Stig. This according to a poll conducted by British tabloid the Daily Star under the esteemed auspices of Doritos, all to arrive at one startling conclusion: According to the average Brit, the Stig’s identity is the greatest mystery of the last 100 years.

Top Gear‘s tamed racing driver took nearly a quarter of the votes, with the Loch Ness Monster coming in with 16% ahead of JFK’s 12. Of course, if people really wanted to know who’s hiding under the white helmet, they’d have figured it out by now. In fact, there have been numerous reports on his true identity, but like His Stiginess’ loyal subjects, we’d rather keep the mystery alive… which is more than we can say for the late Black Stig, may Stig have mercy on his soul.
Source: Daily Star via: Autoblog

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