Video: Dodge Viper crashes into back of a van!

viper-crashEarlier this week in Chile, a Dodge Viper GTS crash was caught on video. Exotic cars are very rare in Chile, especially Dodge Vipers and when this driver saw one pass him by, he decided to get out his video camera and film the red beauty.

What he captured after that was totally unexpected. He films the Viper as it passes his car and continues videotaping as the Viper weaves around a couple of cars. The Viper owner seems very frustrated with a couple of trucks he is trying to pass and as they enter a tunnel, he puts his foot down to get around one of the trucks. On exiting the tunnel, he doesn’t realize the traffic in front of him is standing still.

When he finally realizes what’s in front of him – it’s too late and he crashes into the back of a Van. Doh!

Check out the video to see how NOT to overtake with an exotic car!

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