Video: Felipe Massa returns to meet the Ferrari 458 Italia

Massa Ferrari1Felipe Massa is back in Maranello. Almost two months after the terrible accident in Hungary Felipe arrived at the Scuderia Ferrari this morning: he was immediately greeted by Stefano Domenicali who just came back from Suzuka.

“I’m finally back home,” Massa told “This is my second family and I couldn’t wait to see them again, all the people I’ve been working with for many years and who have been close to me these days. Now I can really say that I start working again. There’s lots to do, but I’m happy. I like the way in Maranello.”

“It’s good to have Felipe back with us,” Stefano Domenicali said, “and I’m happy that I can embrace him again. We called Chairman Luca di Montezemolo together and he was happy to say hello to Felipe, wishing him well for his work, while they took an appointment for the next days. Today we’ll have some technical meetings and mainly physical exercise. Felipe has to get back on top: he has a demanding period ahead of him with constant activities, but he knows that we’re not in a hurry”.

Felipe Massa seemed to be happy and in great form, sharing with Domenicali the programme for the next days. Felipe will work with the simulator, have technical meetings with the engineers and do lots of physical exercise. He even arrived in Italy with his personal trainer. As far as the F2007 is concerned it has not yet been decided when he will get into the car, but it will anyway not be this week. On his first day in Maranello Felipe said hello to the people from the Gestione Sportiva, although many of them still have to come back from Japan. He will meet them tomorrow.

Felipe Massa also visited the new Ferrari production line to see the new car from Maranello, the 458 Italia. Here he met CEO Amedeo Felisa, talking with him about the car.

Before he went to the gym Felipe answered many emails and comments, which arrived at the official Ferrari website over the last days. The next days he wants to thank the fans for their support and answer their questions in a live chat.
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