Video: Ferrari F430 catches fire and burns out!

ferrari-f430-burn1If you own a supercar, best you lock it away for a while because there seems to be some kind of a jinx on them bursting into flames lately. Just last week we featured the McLaren F1 which went up in smoke and this week it was a Ferrari F430’s turn to catch fire.

This Ferrari F430 caught fire after an accident near Sibiu, in Romania. The young driver lost control of the Ferrari on a curve and collided two other oncoming vehicles. After the impact and spinning off the road, the Ferrari burst into flames inside the engine compartment.

The exotic was a complete write-off, but amazingly the driver walked away. Luckily the Ferrari F430 was ensured so the owner did not lose any money in this, except a 40 Euros ticket.

Source: Automarket via: Zercustoms

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