VIDEO: Ford reveals new Focus EV for the Jay Leno Show

leno-electric-focus-630x2A little while ago, Ford built a new battery electric Focus for the guests of the new Jay Leno Show to drive in his Green Car Challenge. Now Ford has also posted a video with some of the engineers showing off their handiwork.

Once the team got the Euro-spec Focus electrified, it was time for the Ford Racing crew to charge it up. Andy Slankard, Engineering Supervisor at Ford Racing, describes the work done to prepare the car for its life on the small screen. While these show cars started life as Focus ST models, their new powertrain and the added mass of a 23 kWh battery pack meant the suspension needed some beefing up. With the battery pack sitting in the cargo hold in the rear, the weight balance was undoubtedly shifted towards the back, but even with the extra weight the car still looks pretty good going through its paces.

Checlk out the video to see the Focus in action.
Source: Youtube via: Autoblog

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