VIDEO: Iacocca Mustang commercial debuts in style

03-iacocca-mustang-liveLee Iacocca helped to create the Ford Mustang way back in 1964, and the original pony car has lived on, uninterrupted, ever since. The one-time Ford division president set out to celebrate the car’s 45 year anniversary with a special edition model with the Iacocca name emblazoned on the boot, with only 45 units to be commissioned for sale. As usual, Iacocca did exactly what he said he would, with a unique-looking Stang variant complete with a fresh pony face, a head-turning fastback design, in-set headlamps and Ford Racing performance parts.

To market his newest treasure, Iacocca bankrolled a 45th anniversary Mustang music video, with Frank Sinatra pumping the tunes and southern California providing the scenery. Check out the video to watch some high-end shots of Iacocca’s Mustang rolling through LA, along with liberal use of the hand brake and some random shots of young women openly admiring the silver Stang’s lines. At the end, the window rolls down and you know who appears behind the wheel.
Source: Auto-Focus via: Autoblog

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