Video: Koenigsegg Trevita review

In one of the latest episodes of Jay Leno’s Garage, Mr. Leno takes the new Koenigsegg Trevita for s spin, and a review video. This is one of the few occasions in which you can see the new Koenigsegg Trevita on video and on public roads for that matter. As a reminder, the Koenigsegg Trevita is powered by a custom 4.8-liter V8 engine which outputs 1018 hp. This is more than the Bugatti Veyron, in case you were wondering. The Koenigsegg Trevita has a carbon fiber body, an inconell exhaust system, carbon ceramic brakes and a double carbon wing.

Watch the Koenigsegg Trevita review video after the jump as it shows one of only three that will ever exist.

Source: Zercustoms

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