Video: The Loudest Mustangs of the American Mustang 2010 Car Show!

The guys at AmericanMuscle hosted their annual car show this year and man oh man, was it amazing! There were thousands of people in attendance, over 500 Mustangs, and thousands raised for charity. It was a fun and successful day that was made possible by their loyal customers.

Here are some of the final figures from the day

•    Total number of Mustangs: 524
•    Total number of People: Over 1700
•    Final Charity Amount Raised: $14,825
•    % of People Who Had a Great Time: 100%!

Not only were all of the donations and attendance records broken, they had some of the hottest, loudest and baddest Mustangs in the country show up.
For more clips from the show, go to:

Check out the video to see some of the loudest mustangs in action!

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