VIDEO: Making the Ferrari 458 trailer

ferrari-458-italia-makingIf you make a really hot, truly exotic supercar, you can make a two minute promo video that will attract tons of Internet eyes. When you’re Ferrari and you’ve just unleashed the sexy 458 Italia, you can make one of the best teaser videos of all-time and then make a second, almost as cool video about the making of the first video.

In the footage, the director says that the goal is to make a film where the viewer gets the feeling that he or she is driving the vehicle themselves. We know we like the video, but we’re pretty sure we would have rather been behind the wheel. Actually, we’re thinking of making a tribute video of the 458 Italia trailer.

All we need is a modified Fiat, a Mercedes SUV loaded up with cranes and cameras, a Ferrari pace car rigged with cameras, some stunt drivers, a track and a film crew. Oh, and two Ferrari 458 Italias.

Check out the video above to watch the “making of” video, and click here to see the finished product.
Source: Youtube via: Autoblog

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