Video: Russian SWAT pounce on wrong Porsche Cayenne!

ruseThis video was shot in Russia and shows a Russian SWAT team in action while it storms a Porsche Cayenne. Unfortunately, the guys inside the Porsche Cayenne are not the criminals the Police was looking for.

The car got seriously roughed up as did its occupants. After the SWAT team realized they got the wrong people, managed to clean the scene in a matter of minutes. The clip also shows a second Porsche Cayenne that gets stormed by the Russian SWAT, but this time it was the real criminals.

Watch the Russian SWAT team storm the Porsche Cayenne in the video after the jump. Gun shots included!

Source: Youtube

One thought on “Video: Russian SWAT pounce on wrong Porsche Cayenne!

  • December 23, 2009 at 10:41 am

    Hi from Moscow.those guys in second cayenne were the gang that robbed the armored van with money inside,they killed two officers and were searched for 6 or so months.
    unfortunately,1st cayenne had tne number very much alike the second one.

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