Video: The Stig is officially revealed by TopGear!

stig1Well the latest news is that Michael Schumacher has finally been revealed as The Stig. In the first episode of season 13 of the popular British motoring show BBC Topgear, the elusive Stig is seen being accompanied into the studio where they shoot the series. Later he is sitting on the guest couch and begins to take off his white helmet. To the audience’s shock Schumi appears from underneath the helmet, fakes a wink and smiles, giving the admiring audience a thumbs-up.

The Stig is one of the most searched words on the Internet. Almost all the searches are interested in one thing and one thing only; getting an answer to the question “Who is The Stig?” Several names have been bandied about in the past as concerning this very important question. The only confirmed one is Tyler Perry, an ex F1 tester who was killed off from the series after telling everyone who read his tell-all book that he was the black Stig. Apparently the show’s producers frown upon such behaviour.

Over the past year or so interest has been renewed in The Stig after several media outlets pointed to an ex British racer named Ben Collins as the man under the white racing suit and mask. Some say there is more than one Stig, while presenter Jeremy Clarkson told South African journalists that he is pretty sure The Stig is Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Clarkson even “outed” President Barack Obama as the speechless tame racing driver.

I wonder if now that Schumi has come out in the open the search engines will stop trying so hard to find The Stig. I doubt it…

Source: Worldcarfans Via: Top Gear

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