Video: The Stig sets record lap time in Ferrari FXX

The Stig took the Ferrari FXX for a fast lap around the BBC’s test track in the first episode of the new Top Gear series.

The Ferrari FXX managed to beat the best Top Gear lap time by an incredible 6.4 seconds, knocking the Gumpert Apollo down into second place.

Powered by a 6.3 liter V12 engine that pushes out a gobsmacking 800 hp, the Ferrari FXX is equipped with an F1 style gearbox the offers gear change times of less than 100 ms.

This record lap was set just before revealing that Michael Schumacher is the famous character in the white race suit.

Turn up the volume and check out the Ferrari FXX Top Gear lap in the video!

Source: Topgear via: Youtube

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