Video: Top Gear reviews the Jaguar XFR

2010-jaguar-xfr_1This week Jeremy Clarkson went to play with the Jaguar XFR – a 503bhp M5 competitor. Which says something about how far Jaguar has come lately. I’m not sure we could have seriously made the statement that a Jaguar was in the same league as possibly the best car that BMW makes at any point in the last generation.

The Jaguar XF has been a big success for Jaguar. The big seller – and a remarkably good car – is the 3.0 litre Diesel S. It manages 0-60mph in just 6 seconds and still returns an average around 40mpg. But every model needs a halo car, and the Jaguar XFR is a halo and a half. It has all the benefits of the regular XF, but performance that would put a 911 to shame, whilst still carrying four passengers in comfort. Not only that, but a very slightly tweaked Jaguar XFR recently broke Jaguar’s land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

JC was suitably impressed, but we won’t spoil the fun for you if you haven’t seen the show. Is it better than the M5?

Jaguar have been good enough to send a Jaguar XFR to Cars UK this week, so we get to play and decide for ourselves. Look out for our Jaguar XFR Review next week.

In the meantime, enjoy the Top Gear XFR Review video. But normal rules apply – Top Gear get the hump about showing clips on YouTube, so although the video is here today, it may well be gone tomorrow.
Source: CarsUK

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