Video: Ultimate Bad Boy Ford Mustang

mustang-reviewUBB, or Ultimate Bad Boy, is a tuner that offers 3 levels of power upgrades for the new Ford Mustang, 500 hp, 700 hp and a Veyron challenging 1000 hp.

The UBB Ford Mustang in this video is of course the 1000 hp and 825 lb-ft of torque version. The tuners actually say the engine can take an extra 500 hp, but the chassis of the car will not tolerate this kind of stress. The UBB Ford Mustang is powered by the 5.4 liter all aluminum engine that has received massive modifications, including Twin 62mm throttle bodies, a Twin screw whipple 3.4lt supercharger, forged pistons and High lift cams. The UBB Ford Mustang price starts at $110,000.
Source: Zercustoms

Check Vicki Butler-Henderson from Fifth Gear test drive the UBB Ford Mustang in the video above.

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