Volkswagen Golf GTI Black Dynamic

The Volkswagen Golf GTI Black Dynamic made its world debut at Worthersee 2012. It’s a special project developed by nine Volkswagen apprentices, who have been working since October last year.

VW’s GTI Black Dynamic features a black a red color scheme, a lowered suspension system, and countless other styling details. The Golf GTI Black Dynamic’s party piece is a 1,800 Watt sound system, featuring nine loudspeakers, which occupies pretty much the entire boot. VW did not disclose any actual details about the GTI Black Dynamic so far. It comes with 19-inch alloys with 225/35 ZR tire, 380 mm brake discs and a modified exhaust system. Some engine modifications are also to be expected, judging front the engine bay visible in one of the images.

The interior of the Volkswagen Golf GTI Black Dynamic will feature several changes in comparison to the standard vehicle. We’ll have more details regarding the Golf GTI Black Dynamic as soon as they’re available.

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