Wheelsandmore’s fab Shelby GT500 Eleanor

shelby-gt500-1The Shelby GT500 Eleanor is one of the few cars that do not require tuning. The good news is that the German tuner left the outside stock standard and the only change here is represented by the new 20 inch Pirelli wheels.

On the inside the list is somewhat long and includes a new set of pedals, new instruments board, aluminum inserts, leather and Alcantara. This new version of the muscle car now comes with beefed up suspension and really fits the role of a young sports star.

The secret of Germans is simple: take classical Mustang S-Code Fastback the sample of 1967, fit on it bodi-whale Shelby GT 500 and complete 5,7-litre V8 manufactures Ford. Capacity of the power unit makes only 350 h.p. that, however, is small in comparison with official car from founders of a film which can brag 770 h.p.

Price Mustang Shelby GT500 Eleanor from Wheelsandmore is not known yet.

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